Nine Essential Jean Jackets to Step Up Your Denim Game

Nine Essential Jean Jackets to Step Up Your Denim Game

Fashion trends come and go, but there are a certain few of them that continues to defy time and withstand eras, making them perennially in style. Nope, we are not talking about fashion-forward vampires! But rather, we are talking about the kind of clothing that has got that throwback appeal and yet the sort of modern fit and design that goes perfectly well with just about everything that you have in your closet. You guessed it right, topping that category is none other than the most iconic denim jacket.

Jean Jackets, or more commonly known as denim jackets, first made its debut back in the 1880s after jean-legend Levi Strauss designed a sheathing that would match with denim trousers that he created specifically for miners, railroad workers, and cowboys. Since then, the original jean jacket look has broadly expanded into various fits, colors, and silhouettes, providing a vast array of options to suit a diversity of styles. And although you might not fall in any of those categories mentioned above, we bet that you've most likely sported a denim jacket at one point in your life.

When it comes to cool and casual dressing, denim undoubtedly takes the top spot. This iconic and carefree garment is a perfect material for adding a simple yet stylish finishing touch to an extent of outfits. Hence, a denim jacket is an excellent option for many looks as it’s one of the most versatile pieces of outerwear there is. But with this staple clothing that almost everyone owns, which deviation makes you stand out amongst the rest? Well, lucky you as we’re about to take the guesswork out of buying a denim jacket with this handy-dandy guide.

The Classic Fit

Who will ever forget the mother design who gave birth to the rest? This original look incorporating a cool and sharp trim is something you can wear with everything from a white tee down to a pair of stilettos. Traditionalists will be pleased to hear that the conventional blue jean jacket is still stealing the limelight even in the contemporary scene. As Alexa Chung once said, stick to the classics and you can’t ever go wrong.

Get the look: Iceberg, Peter Blake Graphic Print Denim Jacket

Why It's Gotta Be Blue?

Who says a denim jacket has to be the same old blue? You haven’t seen the other shades, have you? A non-blue denim jacket is undeniably a stylish option for those who want to get out of the box. It can suit both casual and smart casual outfits and can be paired with just about anything that you have in your closet. Consider splashing out on one of these hues if you want to snatch that fresh, contemporary, and unique vibes.

Get the look: Just Cavalli, Grey Studded Hem Denim Jacket

Size Does Matter

Go big or go home! If you haven’t considered grabbing an oversized jean jacket yet, now is a perfect time. This will certainly be your favorite go-to when you need to run out the door for a surprise errand. This oversized jacket leaves enough room for an excellent layering choice when it comes to throwing on a grab-and-go piece over your favorite outfits. If you are looking for a relaxed jacket to glamorously set your mix and match rigout, you have got to go for this trendy pick.

Get the look: Phillip Plein, Gothic Plein Black Oversized Denim Jacket

No Stress With Distressed

Distressed denim jackets are a remarkable hybrid style through urban creativity. In contrary to popular belief, this type of jean jacket is a versatile piece that can pair flawlessly with almost all of your casual clothes. Trust me, even with that cute little dress of yours that has been sitting in your cupboard for a while now. This denim trucker style conveys a certain level of mystique and oddity while introducing a young and clever influence to the multitude.

Get the look: Phillip Plein, Rainbow Embellished Frayed Denim Jacket

Keep It Cropped

You know what your momma says, less is more! Cropped Jean Jackets are a great seasonal transition piece that would look tasteful with mini dresses, blue jeans, and more. While loose and oversized fits are perfect for creating a relaxed semblance, cropped styles offer a bold and intricate impression. This type of jean jacket is tailored to produce a body-defining shape that will give you an extra refined look.

Get the look: Phillip Plein, Aloha Plein Cropped Denim Jacket

Bring It To The Edge!

What a stud! Clearly, this sort of jacket is the fun one in the group. Embellished jean jackets, may it be with sequins, paillettes, spike studs, and beads - they are all here to serve you with a great twist in details without compromising the quality. This type of jacket’s aesthetic signature design is undeniably dauntless and anomalous. Showing off a snappy and sensational style, this every lady must-have will beyond doubt turn you into a total femme fatale.

Get the look: Dalood, Metallic Studded Denim Shirt

Patch It Up!

Let your denim jacket do the talking! Patchwork, embroidered, or appliquéd denim jackets are a perfect combination of eccentric and edgy attitude. This regalia emanates and sets an effervescent mood to the one who wears and sees it. It is technically designed to enhance and flaunt your personality in the most flattering way. Now, go on and be bold and bubbly with this charismatic approach.

Get the look:
Phillip Plein, Blue Embroidered Emoji Frayed Denim Gilet

Denim Can Fly

If you are aiming to create a smart aesthetic while dressing for the chilly seasons, you just landed on the perfect choice. This type of expertly tailored jean jacket is accentuated by balletic feathers, which fluently tenders an exquisite and elegant look. Disobeying the force of traditions - this variance will give you nothing but a quintessential and sophisticated look while breaking the denim jacket cliché.

Get the look: David Koma, Blue Feather Sleeve Detail Denim Jacket

Take Me To Paradise

Who doesn’t love a fun floral exterior? Anyone who raises their hand can start packing. Most brands nowadays rather choose to see denim jackets as more of a canvas, and integrating a floral charm with its flexible and cozy material is definitely something that will let you enjoy the best of both worlds. If you are someone who’s after a look that renders a vivacious and sumptuous flair and goes precisely with broad-spectrum apparel, I believe you have just found it.

Get the look: Phillip Plein, Floral Print Cropped Denim Jacket


Every denim jacket is essentially considered as a notable wing-woman for every lady on the go. And the key to an effortlessly cool and trés chic get-up is knowing which denim jacket to choose - to encapsulate your taste and to reveal your style. Diversifying out of the ordinary is always a fundamental way to put a contemporary touch to an orthodox look. And much like your favorite pair of jeans, a dependable and functional garment such as a denim jacket will surely go a long way and will be hanging proudly in your wardrobe for decades to come.

Finally, wear a denim jacket that brings you a sense of familiarity and makes you feel at home. That’s the motto you should live by. And if you don’t own a denim jacket yet, do yourself a favor and get yourself a couple - it’s about time to invest in one. And if you ever have any doubts as to whether which one to pick, we say go right off the bat with what your gut tells you. After all, you can never go wrong with a tried-and-tested denim jacket, regardless of the type, because owning this timeless staple piece, per se, has always been proven as a wise decision to make.